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Suite 300, 1040 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  V6E 4H1

Phone: 604-688-0321  Toll Free Within BC:  1-877-688-0321
General Inquiries:  Press 3 for Regulatory Services

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Licensee Trade Names:   You can search Individual and Corporate Legal Names only. You can not search by Corporate Trade Name, or Individual Trade Name. 

ATR - Authority to Represent - Is the record of an individual licensee's authority to represent an agency or firm.  To view the details of the licence related to the authority to represent (licence effective date, licence class and licence status), view the LIC - licence record of the same class of insurance as the ATR record.  An individual may have more than one ATR related to the same Licence record.

Important note when sorting search results:  If you sort the search results list by clicking on the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name or Agency/Firm field headers, then view a specific record detail, when you return to the Search by Contact screen you must CLEAR your search results, enter your search fields then resort your results to ensure accurate search results.  Returning back to a previously sorted list will result in an error in the results displayed. 

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